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Patient Feedback

"I play basketball at Haverford College and my treatment with Dr. Serinsky for recurrent back pain has been a huge help, keeping me on the court competing at a high level.  The staff is very accommodating in working with me despite my busy class schedule" 

Eli S., Haverford College

"I love that Dr. Serinsky stays so informed on current medical research.  He is so knowledgeable and takes his time in talking with his patients.  He and his staff are warm, inviting, professional and accommodating.  I have increased comfort and, best - no more tennis elbow!" 

Carrie W.B., Devon

"Dr. Serinsky goes the extra mile in making sure that every body part is working correctly before I leave, so I can go to work or play.  He never rushes me, and he is a detective who will find what pains you and fix it to get you moving.  I think of him and his staff almost as family, that's how well they treat me.  Thank you!" 

Joanie M., Devon

"Dr. Serinsky is skilled with gently body manipulation and with a soothing manner.  Also, very important to me, I feel heard.  Since starting with him a few years back, I have recovered from very uncomfortable bouts of dizziness, from a pattern of constipation and from recurring colds.  I see him every few months and am generally more healthy now than when I was younger." 

Irene R., Ardmore

"I came to Westside Wellness with pain in my left sacro-iliac joint and rehabbing from right shoulder surgery.  I can now sit and stand without pain!  Dr. Serinsky is extremely sensitive to his patients' needs and very caring.  His staff is A+!" 

Pat V., Berwyn

"Dr. Serinsky is AMAZING. He helps both my husband and I with all our ailments. What's the best about him is he's not just a "typical" chiropractor, but he works with muscles and tendons to help the treatments "stick", so you don't have to keep coming back for years. His goal is to get you healthy so you don't have to keep coming back! And he gives you things you can do at home to help yourself, too, which really work. I was a very active athlete for many years with some bad knee/hamstring pain. I tried another chirpractor and also accupuncture with no success. THE BEST!!! And his staff is super friendly and nice, too."

J.L., Devon

"Dr. Serinsky Has Helped So Much! I went to 5 the chiropractors before seeing Dr. Serinsky at Westside Wellness for chronic pain due to osteoarthritis in my neck and back. I have been seeing him for a year as of June 2009. His treatments have provided consistent relief from pain as well helping me have fewer bad pain days, making a noticeable difference in my quality of life. His knowledge of myofacial work has been particularly helpful, as well as his suggestions for home stretches. He adjusts treatment during a session to respond to current needs--always with compassion, skill and an upbeat attitude. His knowledge about nutrition, supplements and other areas related to overall wellness has also been extremely helpful. The office staff is responsive and caring, and assisted me in working out problems with my insurance company. I cannot recommend Dr. Serinsky highly enough. "

G.D., Wayne

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