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Injury Treatment and Prevention

Whether you're coming in with IT band pain from your latest trail run, chronic tension headaches, or a temperamental achy back, it all begins with the correct diagnosis. Our doctors use their combined 22+ years in clinical practice to pinpoint the origin of the musculoskeletal deficiency and corrective treatment and exercises to alleviate the pain and build strength to prevent its recurrence. We structure treatment plans based on your individual goals, and work the plan to achieve the results you're looking for.

Improving Your Performance: Fitness and Health

Everyone is an athlete. Some athletes are just getting started and others are looking to PR their 200 Butterfly - both understand the importance of fitness and health to achieve a higher quality of performance. As certified chiropractic sports physicians (CCSP/ICCSP) our doctors utilize their most current principles in sports medicine and injury recovery to help you achieve your athletic goals.

Health Living: A Balanced Life

With offerings such as Assisted Stretching, Massage Therapy and expert workshops throughout the year, we offer pragmatic approaches to incorporate functional movement into your every day.

The Westside Wellness Mission

At Westside Wellness, we value the integrity of each patient. We believe that by providing each individual with the means for optimal health through natural and safe chiropractic care, we contribute to the overall wellness of our Main Line community. The areas finest medical doctors and musculoskeletal specialists trust Westside Wellness with the evaluation and management of their patients’ chiropractic care.

Westside Wellness Specialties

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Patient Feedback

  • Dr. Todd Serinsky is an incredible chiropractor, who my medical doctor personally sees and recommended to me. After years of dealing with an injury, I finally feel like I can be healed. Dr. Serinsky has not only improved my condition within the past few visits, but also teaches me exercises that I can do outside the office. He does muscle release therapy in combination with standard chiropractic care. His office is incredibly kind and I highly recommend coming if you need help.
  • I have been in and out of PT for 20 years. Back, neck knees. Too much workout and computer time. Finally, I found Dr. Todd and all is well! Within a few months my aches have subsided, I know tools and exercises to keep everything strong and running smoothly. I feel like I have turned the corner and there will be no going back. Also, the staff is so friendly, appointments are easy to make and bright welcoming offices.
  • "Dr. Serinsky goes the extra mile in making sure that every body part is working correctly before I leave, so I can go to work or play. He never rushes me, and he is a detective who will find what pains you and fix it to get you moving. I think of him and his staff almost as family, that's how well they treat me. Thank you!"
  • Westside Wellness has taken great care of me in the last few years! I’ve been treated for back and neck pain, and the occasional massage. I’ve seen the new chiropractor Karin a few times recently and she is an excellent addition to the team!!
  • Dr. KAREN SIMOUNIAN is an absolutely fabulous chiropractor and the kindest person. I am lucky to have been referred to find her and the practice upon moving to the area!!! 10 stars!
  • Dr. Karin is amazing! Been going to her since she started working at Westside and she always takes care of any issue I’m having. I’d recommend her to anyone dealing with low back, hip, neck issues.
  • "I love that Dr. Serinsky stays so informed on current medical research. He is so knowledgeable and takes his time in talking with his patients. He and his staff are warm, inviting, professional and accommodating. I have increased comfort and, best - no more tennis elbow!"
  • I've been fortunate enough to work with Todd for a few years. I moved into the City a couple years ago, tried to find others, but CAME BACK! I couldn't find anyone who has the same intuitive, yet informed approach to building a plan that works to keep my body healthy and moving
  • "After over 5 years of chronic migraines, shoulder and neck pain that doctors could only treat with drugs, I decided to try a chiropractor. Todd listened and examined me, and proposed a solid course of action. He treated me for several weeks and taught me exercises to do at home. After only a few visits I felt like a new person and after 2 months I was completely without pain and off all medications. Todd gave me a new lease on life and I can't thank or recommend him highly enough! 10 stars!"