New Patients

New Patients

Thanks for your trust in Westside Wellness Chiropractic Center!

We welcome you to our office. The following is a brief synopsis of your first few visits with our practice. Please feel free to ask any questions along the way – we are here to help.

New Patient Intake Forms:

We accept and process all major insurance carriers. Benefits vary within and between plans-please call us so that we may verify your benefits prior to your first visit.

Save time on your first visit by filling our your new patient paperwork ahead of time and bringing it with you.

Your first visit:

On your first visit you will fill out a confidential health history that will help us understand your current symptoms, contributing factors and overall wellness. Your doctor will then review your information and consult with you, in detail, to gain the clearest picture of your needs and health goals. Your questions are always welcome.

An appropriate physical, orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic and kinesiologic examination will be conducted to help determine a proper diagnosis. If warranted, you will be referred to the appropriate center for imaging. The first visit takes approximately 60 minutes.

Before you return for your second visit, your doctor will correlate your health history with your exam findings to determine if your case can be helped by chiropractic care.

Your second visit:

When you return for your Reports of Findings, your doctor will inform you of your exam results, our diagnosis and if we feel that we can help you. We welcome anyone that you care to invite to join you for this meeting. Once you understand your case and diagnosis, we will discuss treatment recommendations and review the role that each of us has in improving your health.

Treatment will then begin and continue for the duration of your treatment plan. Periodically, we will conduct a re-examination to assess the progress you are making and to revise our treatment recommendations if needed.

Your attitude about your health is a very important factor that affects your progress towards your goals – we will address your concerns and hope to exceed your expectations.