What are Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics provide functional support to a falling arch in the foot. As we age, the repetitive force of 6,000-10,000 steps a day can stretch the ligaments in our feet that hold up the arch, developing a ‘dropped arch’ or over-pronated foot. The result of this over-pronation is a forced internal rotation of the lower leg, thereby creating instability in the knee, hip and low back. Appropriate orthotics will support the arch and help to renew proper movement patterns in the lower extremity.

At Westside Wellness, we use Sole Supports custom orthotics, whose unique engineering design supports the foot and arch throughout the entire gait cycle. Their inherent flexibility provides shock absorption during dynamic activity (jumping, running, etc), which is why they wer named to be the best orthotic for the athlete through research conducted at the University of Georgia.

Sole Supports come in a normal width and depth that are for tennis shoes, sneaker, hiking boots. They are designed to fit right into your shoes. They are also available in a lower profile, narrower style for men’s and women/s dress shoes.

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