Presenting interactive and educational workshops on a variety of health related topics. We offer these workshops as a forum for the people in our community to ask questions about their health and wellness.

Current Workshop Topics Include:

“Be Fit – Be Free”

Balance, Endurance and Strength – These are the core concepts of a successful fitness program. Understanding the interactions of these easy to implement ingredients will help to ensure an active and rewarding lifestyle. Finding time in our days to exercise can often add to an already busy and stressful schedule. In this lecture, we explore ways to allow ourselves to effectively incorporate these fundamentals into everyday life, adding not just years to our lives, but also life to our years.

Easing the Stress with Every Breath

Does stress management have you stressed? This discussion focuses on the contributions of posture, breathing and movement in easing everyday stress. We further explore the differences between true stress and distress in relation to body structure, physiology and mental acuity.

Putting the ‘Golden’ back in ‘Golden Years’: The How-To Basics of Healthy Aging

Age is not simply a state of mind. It is also a state of physical wellbeing and physiologic efficiency. This discussion focuses on ways to protect our minds and our bodies as we age.

You are what you eat: Inadequacies of the Modern Diet

Many of us tell our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. Why? Because it is good for them, right? What many of us are now finding out is that some of our vegetables carry only a portion of the nutritional benefits that they did only 80 years ago. This discussion focuses on the state of our food supply and what you can do ensure you are getting the best building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.

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